Coreshell hasthe solution.

The biggest barrier to battery performance and cost is electrode surface instability. By solving the battery degradation problem, our roll-to-roll nanomaterials technology unlocks maximum charge and unparalleled safety — enabling better battery solutions today.

The Problem

When lithium ion batteries charge and discharge, they move lithium ions back and forth between positive and negative electrodes. But as they transfer between electrodes, not all lithium ions will make it. Some will react with the electrolyte and get stuck on the electrode surface, leading to loss of capacity and continuous degradation.

Graphic representing battery electrode degradation
Graphic representing battery electrode degradation

The Solution

Coreshell’s technology, a proprietary nanomaterial electrode coating, allows lithium ions to pass through without the side reactions that cause battery degradation. This unlocks higher-capacity, lower-cost batteries without wholesale manufacturing changes.

Graphic representing Coreshell's nanolayer electrode coating
Graphic representing Coreshell's nanolayer electrode coating

Unparalleled Benefits

Coreshell’s technology enables the creation of batteries with unparalleled charge and safety — at up to 30% less cost/kWh.


How We Work With Partners


Custom Battery Solutions

Our team does the work of engineering custom battery solutions unlocked by Coreshell’s breakthrough technology so that your products can realize more charge and runtime.


Boutique Production

Coreshell provides battery solutions for implementation and scale — from supplying breakthrough batteries that integrate Coreshell technology to helping our partners scale up gigafactory production of Coreshell's battery innovations.